iDiscovery - Business Events Discovery and Management Tool

Communicate events across enterprises by integrating discreate applications with an options for subscribe, unsubscribe, register, publish and unpublish.

iDiscovery enables applications to quickly and reliably queue event messages generated by application to be consumed by other applications.It ensures delivery of each message at least once to registered listeners. It allows applications to retrieve the event information and payload it later programmatically using the APIs.

Our Solution Framework

“Business Events Discovery and Management” application (iDiscovery ) has the following major components:

  • Create – Web based forms to register and publish events to the centralized Store.
  • Store - Centralized Service Discovery to store, find and re-use artifacts.
  • Integration Hub – Enterprise service bus that acts as a messaging conduit between publishers and consumers.
  • Consume – Web based forms to discover, request and consume events.
  • Govern–Ensure events perform consistently and to the quality standards set.
  • Monitor - Monitor the performance of events.

Key Features

iDiscovery Tool has following capabilities:

Web based forms to register and publish events to the centralized Store. It will provide web pages for:

  • User Provisioning
  • Event Registration and Publication
  • Approval Workflow for approving the content


Web based forms to discover, request and consume events. It will provide web pages for:

  • Existing event subscription
  • Requesting New events
  • Approval workflow


A database containing the software and metadata that constitutes an events registry which is called a meta-repository to

  • Facilitate content validation and workflow support
  • Stores Policies, Processes, and Schemas
  • Support Governance Activities
  • Provides controlled access to data necessary for the governance of events
  • Search capability within the iDiscovery allows the discovery of events

It will allow the administrators to monitor the performance of events by providing

  • Dashboard and Reports
  • SLA compliance
  • Impact Analysis


Provides a platform for publishers to reliably publish messages(events) that one can be consumed by subscribers.

  1. Ensures guaranteed delivery of each message
  2. Stores the payload sent by the applications

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